Where to find stuff

Project Resources

Our main website to promote the vantage6 infrastructure. You can find here blogpost from projects and developers, a high level roadmap and some legal documents.

Contains documentation on how to install and use the vantage6 infrastructure.

Contains all our source code. Is also used for [project management]( Sprints (github.com)) and issue tracking. It is also the place to request or vote for a new feature. The most important repositories are:

  • vantage6-master – collection of infrastructure repositories
  • vantage6 – contains the CLI
  • vantage6-node – contains the source code for the node
  • vantage6-server – contains the source code for the server
  • vantage6-common – contains common functionality
  • vantage6-client – contains the source for the python-client

Contains the python packages. This allows for

pip install vantage6

If you are looking for a quick chat you can join us on our Discord channel.

A place to have discussions about platforms as well as sharing your projects or issues that you are running into.

Our deployments

  • harbor – docker image repository based on harbor 1.x
  • harbor2 – docker image repository based on harbor 2.x (for signed and multi-arch images)
  • petronas – vantage6-server 3.x.x
  • harukas – vantage6-server 2.x.x
  • trolltunga – vantage6-server 1.x.x
  • taipei101 – vantage6-server 0.x.x